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樂理學習(DavidMusicCenter.com): FMusTCL, LMusTCL, AMusTCL


  • 2019-2020 New Courses
    All courses offered are suit to the new diplomatic examination syllabus (2019-2020) of Trinity College, London..



New Courses for New Syllabus for 2019-2020:

  • LMusTCL Preparatory Course Unit (Part B-II): The Development of Orchestra Music and Literature in Historical Context
  • LMusTCL Set Piece Analysis Unit (Part B-I): The Study of La Mer (The Sea) by Debussy in Modernism
  • LMusTCL Preparatory Course Unit (Part A-II): The Study of Musical Styles in Various Historical Periods
  • LMusTCL Preparatory Course Unit (Part A-Ia): Writing String Quartet
  • LMusTCL Preparatory Course Unit (Part A Ib): Writing Piano Variations in Romantic Style
  • LMusTCL Preparatory Course Unit (Part A-Ic): Orchestration for Classical Orchestra
    Special Study Program: AMusTCL
  • Comprehensive Courses for 2019 Examination
    Music Composition I (optional): Composing for Pop and Film Music
  • Music Composition II (optional): Stylistic Composition for Art Music
  • Music Composition III (optional): Composing in Contemporary Style
  • Contrapuntal Writing: Strict and Free Counterpoints
  • Study of Instrumentation, Orchestration and Band Scoring
  • LMusTCL Pre-Preparatory Unit: Advance Harmonic Analysis in Tonal Practice
  • Advance Music Analysis: Introduction to Schenkerian Theory
  • Advance Music Analysis: Introduction to Set Theory


My latest new article and poem published:

Enjoy My Recent Article and Poem:

1. The Interpretation of Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations op.120

2. Discussion of the AMusTCL Examination: Question about Schubert’s Symphony no.5 — Reworking Essay

3. How is a Program Note Written? What is its Value? — Lost Memories

4.文字何價: 電影偷書賊 觀後感

You are welcome to share your laughter and tears with me…

Enjoy my recent music and arts: Welcome to download your favorite songs, scores and photos…

大偉音樂中心是本人梁大偉(網上筆名: theorydavid、davidleungtheory、或 Leung Sir)的個人音樂教學網站,主要簡介本人的樂理學習和音樂理論課程。Leung sir 以小組教學形式教授各級樂理課程,包括:8級樂理學習、樂理考試、LTCL Music Composition、AMusTCL、Elementary Melody Writing, Music Analysis and Interpretation、FMusTCL、LMusTCL樂理課程、音樂分析、音樂歷史、音樂風格、作曲、編曲、和聲學習、四部和聲寫作、管絃樂曲、配器法、對位法、電影音樂、樂隊編寫、皇家音樂院八級理論等…..


此外,如果你希望以兩人小組或私人方式學習樂理、或以 Online skype 學習任何程度的樂理課程,包括 FMusTCL、LMusTCLLTCL Music Composition、AMusTCL、Research Paper Tutoring / Editing and English Effective Writing、或為任何級別音樂考試試前補習試題,請直接電郵本人(theorydavid@yahoo.com.hk)聯絡。謝謝你到訪大偉音樂中心(DavidMusicCenter.com)網站!














Kingdom Songs Suite for Erhu, Guzheng and Piano

Violin Sonata in D Major (D大調小提琴奏鳴曲) – midi composition modelling

The Moment for Your Beauty-Saxophone and Ensemble

Illusion of Moonlight (月之幻覺) – Electronic Music

Swordman’s Tenderness (劍心的恰似温柔) – midi arrangement exercise

Enlightenment (悟) for Violin and Orchestra

Silk Road Fantasie (絲路幻想曲) for Violin and Piano

Conversion (滙變) for Pipa, Erhu and Woodwind Ensemble

The Night: Piano Cycle — 一夜之間 (鋼琴組曲)

Violin Sonata - Classical Style-550dpi

Nothing Gold can stay -2 with chords2-1000dpi


  •     Memory - David and Chorus 2009
  •     It Is OK - David Leung's First Drama
  •     Sharing with Friends - David's Family in Hokaido 2007



AMusTCL 初級文憑音樂理論考試研習課程:本考試研習班課程,不單為裝備學員參予 Trinity Guildhall – AMusTCL 初級樂理文憑的專業公開考試而設,也同時提供相等於學位第一年程度相若的和聲學知識予學員,幫助他們掌握各類風格的和聲寫作和分析,…


LMusTCL高級樂理文憑課程: LMusTCL高級樂理課程是為準備 Trinity Guildhall – LMusTCL高級樂理考試而設。共分 8 個單元課程,每個單元教授不同的課題,逐期按需要開辦。學員最好修畢全 8 個單元,方可考試 。 每單元之課程名稱…



  • AMusTCL Study Course
  • General Composition Course
  • General Music Theory Course
  • LMusTCL Study Course
  • LTCL Music Composition Course
  • Summer Music Courses