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Music Theory Study & Courses (DavidMusicCenter.com): FMusTCL, LMusTCL, AMusTCL

Latest News

  • New Article: The Interpretation of Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations op.120
    Based on the Reference:董學渝. The Studies of Beethoven Diabelli Variations and Thirty-Two Variations in C Minor. 全音音樂出版社, 1992.

  • 2017 New Courses
    Suit the new diplomatic examination syllabus of Trinity College, London.

  • New Courses for New Syllabus from January 2017 onward: description:
  • LMusTCL Preparatory Course Unit : The Development of Piano Music and Literature in Historical Context
  • LMusTCL Set Piece Analysis Unit : The Study of Beethoven Variations in Classical Context
  • LTCL Music Composition Unit II Preparation: Composing for Chamber Settings and Orchestra
  • Special Study Program: AMusTCL Comprehensive Courses for New Syllabus 2017
  • LMusTCL Preparatory Unit: Writing for String Quartet and Piano with Stylistic Harmony
  • LMusTCL Preparatory Unit: Advanced Analysis in Tonal Practice
  • Advanced Music Analysis: Introdcution to Schenkerian Theory
  • LTCL Music Composition Unit I Preparation: Composing for Contemporary String Quartet and Woodwind Quartet (lessons upon students’ request)
  • My latest new article and poem published:
  • Enjoy my recent article and poem:
  • 1. Discussion of the AMusTCL Examination: Question about Schubert’s Symphony no.5 — Reworking Essay
  • 2. How is a Program Note Written? What is its Value? — Lost Memories
  • 3.文字何價: 電影偷書賊 觀後感
  • You are welcome to share your laughter and tears with me…..
  • Enjoy my recent music and arts: Welcome to download your favorite songs, scores and photos…..

David Music Center is the personal website of David Leung (online author: theorydavid, davidleungtheory, or Leung Sir) introducing David’s music theory study and courses. Leung Sir offers music courses in the form of small group teaching in different levels of music theories, e.g. Grade 8 Music Theory, LTCL Music Composition, AMusTCL , Film Music Analysis, Elementary, melody writing, analysis and interpretation, FMusTCL, LMusTCL, Pop Song Writing, Music History, Piano Music Study, Form, Styles and Analysis, Schenkerian Analysis, Tonal Harmony, Set theory, Orchestration, Jazz theory, Counterpoint etc.

Please let me know if you are interested in private tuition, two-person learning group, or by online skype learning at any level of music theory courses (including FMusTCL, LMusTCLLTCL Music Composition, AMusTCL, Research Paper Tutoring / Editing, and Effective English Writing, etc.), or any level of music examination preparatory courses and pre-examination intensive study.


Life without Music is a Mistake !

Let Music Learning Accompany Your Long Life Journey !


Download kingdom Songs Suite


If you want to read more academic articles, and to share your opinions with me, please do not hesitate to visit my new music blog.


Music and Arts

Enjoy the music from “Music and Arts”. Please select to play your favorite music. You are welcome to download my music from the download page.

Music List to Play

*****Now Playing*****

Kingdom Songs Suite for Erhu, Guzheng and Piano

Violin Sonata in D Major (D大調小提琴奏鳴曲) – midi composition modelling

The Moment for Your Beauty(此刻是妳的醇美) – Saxophone and Ensemble

Pace To Glory (邁向光榮) – Orchestral Overture

Illusion of Moonlight (月之幻象) – Electronic Music

Lonely Windy Bell (孤獨的風鈴) – Electronic Music

Swordman’s Tenderness (劍心的恰似温柔) – midi arrangement exercise

故居(二人世界) – midi rearrangement

Wedding Music Arrangement – midi arrangement exercise

Enlightenment (悟) for Violin and Orchestra

Refined Wisdom (靈智) – Oboe and String Trio (New Generation 2001 Champion)

Silk Road Fantasie (絲路幻想曲) for Violin and Piano

Conversion (滙變) for Pipa, Erhu and Woodwind Ensemble (Commission 2002)

Dream Chasing (逐夢) for Violin Clarinet and Piano

The Night: Piano Cycle — 一夜之間 (鋼琴組曲)

Chilly Reminiscence(寒夜寄懷) for Tenor and Flute

月夜(唐宋詩詞組曲) – 女高音獨唱

荷葉(唐宋詩詞組曲) – 女高音獨唱

渭城朝雨(唐宋詩詞組曲) – 男高音獨唱

合唱團團歌 – 媽咩咪魔毛完全版

Violin Sonata in D Major:
Modelling Classical Style Exercise

Enjoy the recent video from “Music and Arts”.

  •     Memory - David and Chorus 2009
  •     It Is OK - David Leung's First Drama
  •     Sharing with Friends - David's Family in Hokaido 2007

Hot Music Theory Courses:


AMusTCL Ordinary Music Theory Diploma Course.: The course exam workshop not only prepares students to participate in Trinity Guildhall – AMusTCL primary professional diploma in music theory but also provides music theroy knowledge (similar to the first year degree level) to students to help them mastering various styles of harmony, melody writing, analysis and interpretation, ….


LMusTCL Advanced Music Theory Diploma Course: LMusTCL Advanced Music Theory Course is to prepare students for Trinity Guildhall – LMusTCL advanced music theory exam. Course is divided into eight units, with different subjects in each unit. It will be started one by one. Students are suggested to complete all these eight units before the exam. Each unit of the course …

Latest Music Theory Courses available:


  • AMusTCL Study Course
  • General Composition Course
  • General Music Theory Course
  • LMusTCL Study Course
  • LTCL Music Composition Course
  • Summer Music Courses