About David Leung – Brief Biography

David LeungLEUNG Tai Wai, David, holders of LRSM in Music Theory and LTCL in Music Composition, has been an active composer in Hong Kong over a decade. He has published more than thirty pieces of music of different genres, including Refined Wisdom, which won the best composition award in the Hong Kong New Generation music competition 2001 and the commissioned work, Conversion for Pipa, Erhu and woodwind quartet, which was broadcasted live in Hong Kong Radio 4. His particular interest is to explore how contemporary music can express meanings. Hence, Mr. Leung put forth this interest to research study in the postgraduate schools of CUHK and HKU after his first honor graduation from HKAPA in composition and electronic music in 2003.

Having finished the study up to the PhD Candidate level of musicology in the Department of Humanities at The University of Hong Kong under the supervisions of Prof. Dr. Giorgio Biancorosso in 2011, David Leung has written extensively on the connotative attribute of music, a subject to which he was drawn both as an active composer himself, and from his studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong where he holds a MPhil in music theory on the topic about Takemitsu’s uses of “sea motive” and “sea of tonality” in 2005, as well as another MPhil in musicology for the thesis “Memory, Aesthetics and Musical Quotation: Four Case Studies in 20th Century Music” in 2007 as a researcher. Apart from composing, David Leung is also interested in Chinese literature and music criticism. He captured the first runner-up of the Hong Kong Music Criticism Competition in 1988 and has published plenty of articles about music appreciation and concert review.

Major Works List :

1988: The Four Lieder of Tang Song Poems for High Voice (唐宋詩詞組曲四首)

1988: Prelude Book I for Twelve Piano Pieces

1989: The Night – Piano Cycle for Seven Pieces (一夜之間 – 鋼琴組曲)

1989: Three Pieces of Nocturne (夜曲三首)

1990: Wandering for Violin and Piano (漫遊 – 小提琴與鋼琴)

1990: Voices Calling Voices – Mixed Chorus for SATB (聲音呼喚着聲音 – 四部混聲大合唱)

1991: String Quartet No. 1 – The Society

1994: Symphonic Overture: Pace to Glory (邁向光榮 – 管絃樂序曲)

2000: Refined Wisdom for Oboe Quartet
2001: Chilly Reminiscence for Flute and Tenor

2001: Dream of Sea Shore for Vibraphone and Marimba

2001: Dream Chasing for Clarinet in Bb, Violin and Piano

2002: Conversion for Pipa, Erhu and Woodwind Quartet

2002: Chilly Reminiscence II – Flute and Electronic Sounds

2002: Trial and Tribulation – Electronic Music for Max and Msp

2002: String Quartet No. 2 – Forgotten Sound

2002: Nothing Gold Can Stay for Soprano and Piano

2003: Enlightenment for Violin and Orchestra

2003: The Moment for Your Beauty for Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet in Bb, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Percussions

2003: String Quartet No. 3 – Placid Mood

2003: Rotation for Marimba Solo

2004: Remembrance (Electronic Music for Max and Msp): Clarinet in Bb with Live Midi Music

2004: Illusion of Moonlight (Electronic Music)

2007: Two Worlds, One Moon for Chinese Bamboo Flute in G and Female Narrator

2012: Silk Road Fantasie for Violin and Piano


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