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Audio download

  • Chilly Reminiscence for Flute and Tenor 
  • Chilly Reminiscence II for Clarinet and Electronic Music 
  • Conversion (匯流) for Pipa, Erhu and Woodwind Quartet  
  • Dream of Seashore for vibraphone 
  • Dreams Chasing (逐夢) for Violin, Clarinet and Piano 
  • Enlightenment (悟) for Violin and Orchestra 
  • Trials and Tribulations – Electronic Music 
  • Illusion of Moonlight – Electronic Music 
  • Lonely-Windy Bell Journey – Electronic Music 
  • String Quartet No. 3 Placidity (閑情)
  • Refined Wisdom (靈智) for Oboe and String Trio 
  • Rotation (迴環) for Marimba 
  • Silk Road Fantasie for Violin and Piano 
  • Song of the Rain Forest – Electronic Music Programming 
  • String Quartet No. 2 – Forgotten Sound (遺忘的聲音) 
  • The Moment for Your Beauty for Saxophone and Ensemble 
  • The Night – Flowing Water 
  • The Night – Running Wave 
  • The Night – Starry Night 
  • Two Worlds, One Moon for Female for Chinese Flute in G and Narrator 
  • Violin Sonata in D Major – Classical Style Modelling 
  • Wedding Chorus Rearrangement – Midi Arrangement 
  • When the East Meets West – Electronic Music Programming 
  • 女高音獨唱 – 月夜 
  • 女高音獨唱 – 荷葉 
  • Symphonic Poem: Pace To Glory (交響音詩 – 邁向光榮) 
  • 男高音獨唱 – 渭城朝雨 
  • 唐宋詩詞組曲 – 愛恨生死 
  • String Quartet No. 1: The Society (第一絃樂四重奏 – 社會) 
  • 鋼琴組曲 – 一夜之間 (The Night)