2021-2022 New Courses


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To students and colleagues,


David Music Center is going to offer some New Courses to suit the new diplomatic examination syllabus of Trinity College, London. The courses are listed as follows:


  1. LMusTCL Preparatory Course Unit (Part B-II): The Development of Orchestra Music and Literature in Historical Context
  2. LMusTCL Preparatory Course Unit (Part A-Ia): Writing String Quartet
  3. LMusTCL Preparatory Course Unit (Part A Ib): Writing Piano Variations in Romantic Style
  4. LMusTCL Preparatory Course Unit (Part A-II): The Study of Musical Styles in Various Historical Period
  5. LMusTCL Set Piece Analysis Unit (Part B-I): The Study of Shostakovich Symphony no. 7 (Leningrad)
  6. AMusTCL Extensive Preparatory Course (based on new syllabus and set piece)
  7. Music Composition: Contrapuntal Techniques
  8. Advance Analysis: Introduction to Schenkerian theory
  9. Orchestration Techniques
  10. Writing Pop and Film music
  11. LMusTCL Pre-Preparatory Unit: Advance Harmonic Analysis in Tonal Practice


Friends, students and colleagues are welcome to email to me for further details of the courses. All timeslots of the courses are flexible. Students can choose either study in face-to-face mode or online zoom/skype mode. Please suggest any timeslots for the above studies.




David Leung (Leung Sir)

PhD (Musicology, Candidacy), MPhil (Musicology), MPhil (Music Theory),

BMus 1st Hon (Composition and Electronic Music, LRSM (Theory),

LTCL (Composition)



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