Intermediate Study of Tonal Harmony

Intermediate Study of Tonal Harmony – Analysis and Interpretation

The course is designed for the students who possess Grade 8 level and are eager to advance their knowledge on tonal harmony and music analysis. The course contents are focused on exploring the different uses of chromatic harmony through real music extracts by masters of different periods. Course details are described as follows:

Lesson 1

Dominant Seventh Chord

Functional and non-functional use

Chopin Mazurka op. 68 no. 4

Lesson 2

L.N Diminished Seventh Chords

Functional and non-functional use

Wagner Rienzi Prelude

Brahms Sym.3 Eurydice – Gluck

Lesson 3

Non-dominant Seventh Chords


Bach Chorale examples

Lesson 4

Secondary Dominants


Extracts Analysis

Lesson 5

Neapolitan Sixth and Borrowed Chord
(Simple Mixture)

Extracts Analysis

Beethoven Moonlight Sonata Verdi – Un di

Lesson 6

Augmented Sixth on Flattened Sixth Scale

Extracts Analysis

Mozart Sonata Var. VII, Sym 25 mov I

Lesson 7

Various forms of Augmented Sixth

Extracts Analysis

Chopin Prelude op28 no4

Lesson 8

Dominant Extensions and Altered Dominants

Extracts Analysis


Lesson 9

Embellished Diminished Seventh, Chromatic
Mediants Relationship

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Lesson 10

The Romantic Harmony I

Chapter Examples

Lesson 11

The Romantic Harmony II

Chapter Examples

Erlking – Schubert (last line)

Lesson 12

Introduction to German Lied

Schumann’s Romantic Concept

Analytical Examples of Lied

Schumann – Lovely Month of May,