Introduction to Compositional Theory

作曲原理入門 — Introduction to Music Compositional Theory

Unlike some compositional courses which are mainly pop music focused, this course spotlights on serious music writing based on western compositional techniques. After finishing the course, students are expected to achieve:

  • 1. the basic compositional techniques for music of western-format
  • 2. the fundamental skill of writing music for work in-needed, self-entertaining, score submission and music competition
  • 3. enlarge the acquisition of western music for appreciation

In order to avoid composing becoming a series of mere paper exercises without sounds, the discourse involves music listening and score-reading practices. Assignments are prepared for presentation and further discussion.

The units of the course are set as follows:

  • 1. From 18th to 20th Century main compositional practices of western vocal and instrumental music
  • 2. Structures and styles of major western musical genres through history
  • 3. Introduction to Contemporary music compositional techniques
  • 4. Learning from the Great Masters
  • 5. Composing concepts of Set-Theory, Developing Variation, and Schenkerian Theory
  • 6. Writing for solo, chamber music
  • 7. Discussion of the student works

Students who like musical creation, and want to advance his/her music knowledge as well as compositional techniques are recommended to apply this course.

  • Entry Requirement: Grade 8 or equivalent level in Music Theory
  • Language used: English and Cantonese
  • Number of sessions: 10 lessons ( 2-hour per each lesson)