Introduction to Melody Analysis and Song Writing

歌曲創作入門 — 電腦輔助作曲課程

課程簡介: The course is designed for the composition beginners. Students can acquire the basic knowledge on simple melodic writing, phrase, period and section construction, as well as simple harmonization, sheet-music piano accompaniment writing. The course also emphasizes training the skills of aural perception of melodic dictation and chord recognition. This training is necessary for one who want to earn composing.

Lesson 1

Musical Structure and Components I:

Motive, phrase and sub-phrase

Ex: Q and A phrases writing

     Jazz chord symbol

Lesson 2

Musical Structure and Components II:

Period, repeated phrases, modification of phrase

Ex: Structural analysis of songs

Q and A phrases writing

      Jazz chord symbol

Lesson 3

Musical Structure and Components III:

Sequence, Change of mode, Head motive

Ex: Analysis of song examples

     Writing phrases for a periodic structure

Lesson 4

Musical Structure and Components IV:

Phrase Development, Silent Bar, 4-phrase writing, compound time

Ex: Dictating missed note melody

      Analysis of song phrases,

Writing Compound time

Lesson 5

Melodic Shape and Structural Tones: 3-phrase structure, minor key, simple prolongation concept

Ex: Analysis of structural-tone

Writing phrases of 3-phrase Structure, minor key

Lesson 6

Melody and Harmony:
Chord Progression, Substitute chords, Chromatic chords, 4-phrase structure

Ex: Harmonic Analysis of Song
      4-phrase (double) period
      writing Simple Harmonization

Lesson 7

Simple Song Form:
One Part Form, Binary and Ternary Forms
Revision of different phrases structure

Ex: Analysis of different song forms, dictating melody and chords

Lesson 8

Introduction, Interlude and Ending of a Song

Ex: Analysis the structural sections of a song

Lesson 9

Setting words to music:
English poem, syllable setting, rhythm and metrical accent

Ex: writing song for a preset lyric/poem, analyzing song samples

Lesson 10

Writing for piano in the form of sheet music

Ex: Analysis the sheet music, different rhythmic and world music style