LMusTCL Set Piece A Study II-2013 syllabus

LMusTCL (2013-14) Set Piece Study II

The Issues of Chamber Music:

History, Style, and Genre

Course Description:

The course is the Part II Unit which is designed according to the current LMusTCL (2015-16) Examination syllabus. While the Part I is the overall study of the development of chamber Music in relation to its styles and genres span from 1600 to 1900, the Part II will concentrate on exploring the development of chamber music and thematic developing variations from the 18th century to the early 19th century with more emphasis on the formal/stylistic analysis of some masters’ chamber works (e.g. Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms works), including the set piece of Brahms Piano Quintet in Cm. Those students who want to enlarge their scope on the chamber music and to prepare for the examination are recommended to join the study.

The Content of the course of LMusTCL Set Piece Study II is as follows:

Lesson 1

Formal Analysis of the Sonata in Eb Major

Haydn’s Latest Works – 18C Keyboard Music

Donald Tovey’s

Piano Sonata in EbM

Lesson 2

Haydn’s Sonata Studies: Three periods of
his piano music styles. Haydn’s Music Aesthetics

of Keyboard Literature Haydn Aesthetics –

Lesson 3

Harmonic Practices of Haydn and Mozart

Comparison: Sonata Styles of Haydn and

in Haydn and Mozart – 
David Damschroder

Lesson 4

Sonata Studies I
– Age of Piano, Definition, Scoring and Texture

Sonata: Cambridge Companion to Music: Thomas

Lesson 5

Studies II – Form, Function and Aesthetics

Sonata: Cambridge Companion to Music: Thomas

Lesson 6

Piano Sonata Studies I- Hausmusilk

Piano Roles: Classical Repertory Revisited-Wheelock

Companion to Beethoven’s Piano Sonata – Charles Rosen

Lesson 7

Sonata Studies II – Generic Ambiguity

Piano Sonata-Moonlight, Waldstein, op54.

Generic Ambiguity: Beethoven’s Piano Sonata
-David Leung

Lesson 8

Romanticism: Piano Cycle: Study of Papillion and other Character Pieces

Programming the Absolute: Hoeckner

Lesson 9

Piano Music Issues: Generic Ambiguity

of Mazurkas and Nocturnes

at the Boundary:

Lesson 10

Tradition: Studies of Liszt’s Transcendental Etudes, Sonata, and Chopin’s
Prelude and Etude

Masters of the Keyboard

Music for Piano – short History

Lesson 11

Development of the Piano Sonata in History

Pianoforte Sonata: John South Shedlock

Lesson 12

20C Piano
Music Issues:

Ravel, Debussy, George Crumb

Formal analysis of several 20C Piano
Works – David Leung