LTCL Music Composition Special Program-I

LTCL Music Composition Special Program
Six Lecture-talks of Contemporary Music:
Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Meaning of Contemporary Music

While Stravinsky gave seven talks to the students of Harvest University, Leung Sir also give a series of lecture-talk for the coming two months. The topics will include six contemporary composers and their seminal works. By considering their creative techniques, as well as the underlying ideas and concepts, together with the socio-cultural contexts that may influence their works, these six talks will attempt to posit an analytical-explication of such works. This lecture-talk will not only help the compositional students to plan and organize their compositions, but also enhance a better way of understanding of contemporary works, which is important for the musicians and music lovers.


The lecture-talk details are as follows:

Lesson 1

Dec 15

Tam Dun’s Imagined Chinese Tradition.

Colors for String Quartet

Lesson 2

Dec 29

The Contemporary Wenren Aesthetics in HK

Quotations/Allusions in the works of Law
Wing Fai and Chan Hing Yan

Lesson 3

Jan 12

Listening to the Nature: Confronting the
Sound, or the Silence?


Toru Takemitsu’s 12 Works of “Nature”

Lesson 4

Jan 19

John Corigliano’s and Tung Lai Shing’s Time

Corigliano’s Symphony no. 1 and Tung’s The Book of Laugher and Forgetting

Lesson 5

Jan 26

George Crumb’s and Charles Ives’s
Childhood Memories

Ives: The
Things My Father Love
and Crumb’s Night’s

Lesson 6

Feb 2

What is Bright Sheng’s Hun – Bartokean Bitterness of Cultural

Symphony work: Hun’