Special Program – Score Reading and Perceptive Analysis

Scoring Reading and Perceptive Analysis II:

Instrumental Works (Intermediate Level)

In order to avoid students doing solely the so-called musical analysis in a ‘dead’ way of paper work, Score Reading and Perceptive Analysis aims to teach students how to approach and perceive various types of scores of different musical genres, as well as various musical styles in the historic-analytical context. It also enables the ‘reader’ to develop the self-musicianship, so as to see and to perceive musical sound, be it from the piano, vocal, chamber or orchestra, and to analyze such sound through the use of our inner ears. The skill of score reading will not be complete without the skill of musical perception. Students need to apply their general knowledge of music history, harmonization, structural form and orchestration, in order to analyze the musical content of the scores through listening to the musical contexts of the works. This course is designed in the form of case study. Students will study one set piece in each lesson and do some simple analytical questions after score reading practice.

Course Contents

Lesson 1

Introduction to Score Reading:

Hearing and Reading A Score

Sonata for Violin and Piano in F major: op.24, 2 mov. – Beethoven

Lesson 2

Types of Scores

String Quartet in F major, op. 74 no.2, 3 mov. – Haydn

Lesson 3

The Look of a Score -1

Intro. to Orchestral Score

Brandenburg Concerto no. 2 in F major, mov. 1 – S. Bach

Lesson 4

More on Baroque Score

Suite VIII in F minor: Courante for harpsichord — Handel

Lesson 5

The Look of a Score -2

The Classical Score

Symphony no. 1 in C major, op. 21, 4 mov. – Beethoven

Lesson 6

More on Classical Score: Sonata

Piano Sonata in Cm, op 10. no. 3 mov. 1 — Beethoven

Lesson 7

Scores and Their History

The Romantic Score

Symphony no. 1 in D major (Titan), 3 mov. – Gustav Mahler

Lesson 8

More on Romantic Score: Lied

Frauenliebe und Leben “Er der Herrlichstevon Allen”- Schumann

Lesson 9

Reading Score – Hearing Score

More on Romantic Style: Piano

Nocturne in Eb major, op. 9 no. 2 — Chopin

Lesson 10

Classical Concerto

Piano Concerto in A major, K488 — Mozart