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    前言: 以下是一封由本人的作曲理論學生寄來的電郵,內容饒有意義,可供大家沉思一下。


    Leung Sir,

    Having learnt  the concept of writing notes for instrument on score, I was inspired how to set up a music writing method and system of my own. I believe that writing music on score will not be a difficult task. As a commerical music production man, I understand that competition is very keen. The client offer me money and I must tailor-make to fulfill their demands as soon as possible. They do not accept my writing down of every note that I have composed and arranged, even as the professional players too. I need to play and review their expectations in real time everyday. So many different ideas promoted my ear training and improvise technique indeed. But as regard to the lack of writing score technique in the nowaday computer world, I can say that this working in realistic and cruel musical industrial circle is not enjoyable, although many music students may admire my present situation. Anyway, through the learning lesson yesterday, I will never give myself an excuse of writing as difficult task. I will read and write everyday from now on. Please forgive me for so many many questions in the class.


    Simon Digital


    The following is my reply.

    Dear Simon,

    This is nothing new and special, as I always said so. Many of the great masters such as Beethoven, Mozart or Bach copied music from their predecessors so as to learn from them. As such, why not us, the modern man? Techniques can be learnt and trained and writing skill can be improved in some days. The rest remained is our talent. I don’t have doubt on it. 

    But it seems that the high technology , efficient equippments, and abundant of referenctial information through computers, networks, visual aids and books etc still have not guaranted our improvement of understanding and mastering music. That is what I have observed in the past ten years in the uiversities.

    I can help 10 % and students have to do the rest of 90 %. This is what I also always emphasize in the class.

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